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  • I started out trying to edit a post, on the edit page, the text box is blank. I can see the Title and excerpt and everything else (tags etc.) but the main writing area is blank with “word count 0” at the bottom left of the box.

    So I went to create a new post to see WTF was up and it won’t let me create a new post. The Title writes the excerpt box writes but I can’t get my cursor in the main writing area. It won’t click between “Visual” and “Text” tabs, the “Add Media” button won’t click, the “HELP” drop down tab won’t click.

    WTF is up? I’ve had WP for years. I recently moved my site to a new server, the Data base was backed (and exported) up with the “WordPress Database Backup” widget. The site is fine and everything seems normal except I can’t create a new page or edit an old page. I also went to the “Add Media” page and it won’t work unless I “change to browser uploader”,

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  • This might be of help…

    Ok, this is weird. I attempted to “roll-back” the install to the last version to see if that would help. I usually do the Auto install but this time I manually installed it with my FTP client. somehow I uploaded the current 3.5.1 version, I could swear I uploaded the 3.5.0 version, but it’s working now. I have no clue what made the difference. Maybe permissions?

    I just lost the post editor after a faulty backup restore. Reinstalling WordPress from the updates area fixed it.

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