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    Hi. I’m new to WordPress so I’m sorry if this is a stupid question.

    I’ve created a child theme based on the twentyeleven theme and added the Event Organiser plugin and the Event List and Event Calender widgets to the sidebar.

    I’ve managed to edit the Events Archive page (created a copy of archive-event.php and placed it in my theme folder), but how can I edit the widgets in the sidebar?

    I tried copying the class-eo-event-list-widget.php file to my theme folder and doing a simple change (setting number of items to 8) it but nothing happened. Should I add changes to the functions.php file somehow?

    What I’d like to do is show expired events in the calendar widget and add a link to the Events Archive page below the Events list widget.

    I tried looking for info on the plugin web page, but the Widget section was empty…

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  • You can edit the widgets by going to Appearance > Widgets. Where you’ve added the widgets (to the main sidebar for exapmle), you can click the arrow to expand the widget box. Contained in that are the settings for that particular instance of the widget. (You can add the widget several times with different settings).

    Currently the agenda widget doesn’t really have any options, but he events widget does, including a limit for the number of events shown.

    The event list widget will have a template option in 1.3 (like the shortcode does) which can alter how events are displayed on the list.

    As for displaying expired events it will probably be best to use the event list shortcode or eo_get_events and hardcode it into the sidebar. Alternatively you could create your own widget :D. You can do this in functions.php, but I’d recommended creating your own widget rather than replacing the existing ones (feel free to use those as a basis though).

    Thanks for answering so fast! I’ve solved most of the stuff I wanted to do, but still don’t really know how to display expired events. I’d like to do two things:

    1) Make the calendar widget show expired events too. So past days with events would be clickable and take you to the event page for that event, even though it already happpened.

    2) On the events archive page be able to link to another archive page which only lists expired events.

    3)… and I also realized one more thing that would be good, indicating the current day in the calendar widget by making it a different color or something

    Exactly what do I do in the functions.php file or where do I put any short codes or functions? Instead of creating my own widget (I know my limits 🙂 ) can I create “child files” with modifications as I do with the theme?

    For the calendar widget I would guess I could just set the ‘showpastevents’ => true, somewhere, but I don’t really know where or how…

    And I am ashamed to say I don’t even understand how to make another events archive page…

    As I said I really am competley new at this, so I apologize for my ignorance 🙂

    1) Already exists 😀 : You include past events with the Widget option and the events are still viewable.

    2) Numerious ways of doing this. The easiest would involve creating your own page and using the event list shortcode. You can set it to show events that finished before ‘today’ (See section on relative dates).

    3) I was going to say the calendar already adds a class ‘today’ to the current date.. but I’ve just noticed a bug. This will be fixed in the next update :D., but it will up to your theme to do something with it.

    Hope that helps 😀

    Thanks again! I’ve sorta managed to create the “expired archive”, but I can’t see the option for past events for the calendar widget in the admin panel, (only for the list widget). On the calendar widget I only see a title field – is that wrong? I have the 1.3 update..

    The calendar widget should show expired events… Generally the calendars will show all events past and future.

    Currently the only option for the calendar widget is the title field 😀

    … my mistake. The calendar widget uses the ‘Show Past Events’ option in the plug-in settings page. Checking this shows past events. However, it will also show past events in the archive page which may be undesirable. In 1.3.1 I’ll add an option to the widget to include past events.

    Oooh! Now I found the plugin settings page! I was staring for ages at the edit screen for the plugin! As I said, I am completely new at this, so I keep making really stupid mistakes 🙂

    Great! I think I can figure something out to adjust the archive somehow.

    Thanks a lot for all your help! Btw, I posted on your page too about submitting a translation to Swedish, so at least I’m giving back a little 😉

    Awesome thanks! I’ve not received the post though? If you could leave a comment here (and make sure you fill in your e-mail), I’ll email you about getting the translation.

    Many thanks!

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