• El sistema te pide registro, te hace las cosas complicadas y finalmente te da herramientas de edición peores a paint. Muy mala herramienta.

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    @ickata This is the whole review translated.

    Very low level editing

    The system asks you to register, makes things complicated for you and finally gives you worse editing tools than paint. Very bad tool.

    You do not have to like the review but you can reply well.

    Do not report this review again or ones like it.

    Plugin Author Ickata


    Hi @jdembowski ,

    Thanks for your reply. The only reason I reported this one is because it is suspicious, at least to me:

    – All bad reviews are written in non-English (Portuguese or whatever);
    – This one in particular is the only review written by this user;
    – The review itself is irrelevant – many WP plugins asks for registration, that’s not something new on the horizon. Also worse editing tools than Paint – come on 🙂 .

    I just want to be assured that you guys are doing your best to filter negative reviews posted by competitors, which goal is to reduce the overall rating of their competitors. IMO this one is exactly such review. @richernandezm can correct me of course.

    Plugin Author Ickata


    Also, @jdembowski , please notice that it is clearly written in the plugin description:

    Pixo is external service that requires registration. This plugin only wraps the service into WordPress and does the registration automatically for you.

    So this should definitely not be considered as a reason for a bad review.

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    I’m sorry if my message seems suspicious, but my experience was so bad that I decided it was worth to share it with others. I wrote in spanish since I’m mexican and that’s my mother language. And even though the registration is explained in the registration, it’s still worth it to be mentioned since it creates a bad user experience. You should allow the plugin to be tested first or offer a demo. I see you actually have one, but it is not mentioned on the description or in the plugin itself.

    Plugin Author Ickata


    Oh, so @richernandezm knows English pretty well 🙂 So which competing plugin do you own or work for 🙂

    My mother language is also not English, however English is considered as “the international” language and this does not depend on us 🙂 Anyway.

    This sentence

    even though the registration is explained in the registration

    makes no sense to me (registration explained in registration???). Also what’s so bad in having to register? Many WordPress plugins require further steps after activation – and that’s normal. The registration is required because Pixo Editor is a SaaS and it targets any web platform or website, even mobile apps. WordPress is simply just one out of many integrations. And in order to use the service – you need API key; in order to create an API key – you need registration. The registration requires just an email and password – and the API key is automatically generated & saved for you. Also, after plugin activation – there is a system notification in wp-admin that pretty well explains that there is one additional step in order to activate the plugin. What’s wrong with this UX?

    my experience was so bad that I decided it was worth to share it with others

    @richernandezm : you did not share anything, man. I don’t mind negative reviews – as long as they’re creative and give feedback, and this feedback helps me improve it. All you wrote is simply a harsh.

    So, which competitor do you represent 🙂

    Plugin Author Ickata


    The lack of reply is more than indicating 🙂

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