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  • Hi, I installed your plugin around February 19, and with the help of the EDD team, we figured out that your plugin is blocking the Stripe bot. It is blocking the webhooks feature, so Stripe emailed me about it twice.
    This is part of the Stripe email: “Here is the summary of errors we have received when sending you webhooks: * 39 requests had other errors while sending the webhook.
    You need to return anything between a HTTP 200 to 299 for the webhook to be considered successfully delivered. For more details on the errors, you can find your events page here:”

    I do see it blocked now in Cerber Security, see below. I replaced my domain with “example”. From your plugin:

    February 26, 2019, 12:41

    POST HTTP 403 Forbidden 636 ms

    Spam form submission denied Bot detected

    For the moment, I have whitelisted that IP but what if they change IP? I can’t keep doing this or worrying about it, so either I remove Cerber Security or a permanent fix is implemented by you to support EDD and Stripe.

    I find it strange that only WooCommerce seems to be supported while EDD is also a big offering in the WordPress world.

    Does this problem extend to PayPal and EDD?


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  • This error worries me as well. My users have been having issues logging in completely, so unsure if they’ll be able to use the stripe webhook once they do.

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