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  • i’m trying to load Easy Digital Downloads Checkout Progress in a Modal PopUp Box inside product page!

    i’ve searched a lot it looks like no body has ever tried this or write a plugin for this. i’ll appreciate it if you can give me a hint on this or if you know a plugin to introduce for this.

    i want a popup box to be load on product page when user click on purchase button of EDD, and all checkout progress take place inside that popup without refreshing the page and at the end as a confirmation of purchase reload the product page !

    is there any one with any idea on how to do this ?

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  • Pratik Jain


    Hi @erfanmhd

    The inline popup buy feature was previously available in Stripe payment gateway but due the recent changes in SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) this functionality is deprecated and lo longer available by stripe.

    You can read more about here

    I am not sure but you can take a look at this add-on also



    Hi @pratik-jain,

    Thanks for your links, but i already saw this feature in payment plugins.
    the problem is that i’m using EDD Wallet as my main Payment GateWay.
    and trough some coding now the customers can only purchase product using their wallet and other gateways are only to charge wallet.

    i want the checkout to be loaded in popup cause there is no redirect to any external site like PayPal and they pay with wallet without leaving my site.

    i’m really really looking forward to have pop-up checkout (with EDD Wallet), so any help in this case will be extremely appreciated. 🙂

    Pratik Jain


    Hi @erfanmhd

    Thanks for your response.

    I think EDD Wallet is a premium add-on and I am not much clear about the it’s features and functionality. I will study it when I get time and I will let you know if I found anything.

    The best part is you can raise your query at EDD website also I am sure they will help you in this.

    i contacted EDD Support and they say due to large amount of users they got, they cannot guide me to do so, nor they can make it for me.
    they told me i have to find 3rd-party developers who can do this.

    so although i know you probably have lot to do and you don’t have time to dig into this but i’m gonna take my chance and ask you to check this for me and even i can get you the EDD Wallet extension and full document of what i need as a super mini project and i’ll pay if there is any cost.

    just let me know if you can do so please!


    i’m still hopefully waiting for your response @pratik-jain!

    Hi @erfanmhd

    Sorry for my delay response.

    Right now I am quite busy with routine stuff and other things. Actually this task will take more time and need to check everything around it.

    I hope you will find the better solution 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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