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  1. Guntis
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I create new blog entries in ecto 3, the latest version. When I insert image in my new blog entry and press "Upload" button, I get 6 images on WordPress 2.5 site, instead of two - big image and its thumbnail. Why?
    I insert 1521 x 881 px PNG image, choose png format in the insert dialog sheet, set thumbnail to be 530 px wide, and press Upload button. In the WP upload folder I see these files:

    Only the last two images are needed. Whom to blame for creating 150x150 and 300x173 JPG and PNG thumbnails? Absolutely unnecessary files!

    Another issue: When I set thumbnail image to have underline _ suffix instead of the default -tm, I get something completely different on FTP server — for example for the windows-vista-5.jpg file there I see windows-vista-51.jpg thumbnail file, while its name should be windows-vista-5_.jpg Is it ecto or WordPress import plugin to blame for these different file names?

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