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  • I’m a hooked ecto user ( ), and am stoked that I can still use ecto after migrating from MT to WP. Until WP’s image upload capabilities approach the functionality of MT’s, I want to do my image uploading via ecto rather than from the WP UI. Unfortunately WP’s xmlrpc doesn’t yet speak image upload — just errors out. Ecto’s developer Adriaan Tesseling suggested that I post a request here to add that functionality to the xmlrpc. I known Adriaan would be happy to work with a developer on making this happen.

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  • Yes please!

    I agree. Please! WP image upload even with Image Brwser is nowhere near Ecto. MarsEdit even fails.

    Appears to be a WP XMLRPC parsing and/or other errors with WP1.5.


    Moderator James Huff


    Ask over at the Ecto support forums:

    i’ve got ecto working fine with WP 1,5. i remember i did have problems at first with it erroring out, but these turned out to be because of the permissions on my upload folder on the server.

    log into wordpress admin section and then go to ‘options>miscellaneous’ – turn on “allow file uploads” and set the paths to whichever upload directory you’re using. you then need to ftp into your webspace and make sure permissions on that folder are set to 777, so that the folder is writable by ecto.

    there’s some other setting that you’ll have to configure in ecto, where you point it to the appropriate uploads folder. i cannae remember exactly where this option is, as i’ve not got ecto handy at the moment, but i seem to remember it’s fairly obvious.

    hope that helps.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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