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  • I know this has been brought up all over the place on the internet, including this forum and the ecto support site.
    However I don’t think this issue has received the support that it deserves.

    Now I have read that the problem with this error (and the many similar errors occured):
    Method "metaWeblog.newMediaObject" produced a server error: "Could not write file....

    Now after checking my wordpress upload directory and making sure it actually exists with the correct permissions (I used 777) I still get the error.

    No destination is put in ecto when I am attaching an image to a post so it “should” just follow the path set by wordpress when ecto attempts an upload.
    So whats going on here? Is it the WP xml rpc file itself? the 1.5.2 or .3 file does not seem to be working for me either when I overwrite my current xml rpc file…

    I know I have used ecto to upload an image in the past, so something must have happened within wordpress since then (probably around 1.5)…

    Has anyone had any luck in getting images uploaded successfully from ecto to wordpress (2)?


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  • Sure. I’ve been using ecto for a year with no image upload problem, except when WP 2.0 introduced the new upload mechanism and tried to force the image location path.

    This may not be your answer but certainly for me, ecto uses the location set in the Options > Miscellaneous admin panel. If you have that set to allow WP to create new folders for each month then you would manually need to change that location path at the month tickover – as I do.

    If you want me to look up any settings that may help I will – just let me know what.

    However, since uphgrading to 2.0.3, ecto generates a parse error tryng to post categories. 2.0.3 must have changed something but despite asking no-one at WP has told me what it might be.

    It would seem that unchecking the organize by month and date option fixed this problem. Hopefully this will be rectified in the future.

    Thanks for the suggestion, this helped a lot!

    That’s good news. I don’t believe anything really needs rectifying as such. If you use tools other than WP (like ecto) then it simply has to know where to put things and the upload folder is the users choice. Glad it’s working for you.

    Are you having any problems with categories?

    Well the whole folder problem is a little odd, maybe ecto does not know how to trigger the folder creation.

    I have no upgraded to 2.0.3 so I have not experienced what you described previously.
    Sorry, I’ll let you know when I update wp.



    I’m also having problems uploading images via Ecto. For some reason I can’t upload iStock photo images. But if I take a screen shot of the image and save it I can upload it fine.

    Ecto console below


    Request with URL:
    and data:
    <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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