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  • Hey,

    Is there any way at all to get a WP coder and the ecto staff to chat with each other about the inability for many ecto users to suddenly upload pictures with ecto?


    Specifically, see this thread here:

    Some of us have been going back and forth with ecto/WP problems for a while (such as with the old trackback problem) and nobody seems to know who really should be fixing things. I don’t mean just in this case but in every case.

    I’m not slamming WP at all, or ecto coders. After all, I love what you do. 🙂 I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. I can’t upload pics like others using Ecto since the 2.x upgrades, and it’s a bit infuriating after a while. Everything else works fine. Trackbacks appear to work normally again since the 2.x upgrades (so far, and thank you all whomever coded up that fix), but the picture problem defintely needs to be fixed.

    So any chance some WP and ecto coders can have a chat about this sometime? If you look at their forum, there appear to be a few things which aren’t “working properly” and I really have no idea whose area it is any longer. Every thread I see on ecto throws me back here, and every thread I see here throws me back to ecto.

    So any tips? Maybe you guys can throw each other a post on each other’s forums or something?

    Just a suggestion. Thanks for all the great work and, again, this isn’t to slam either side. Just looking for some answers. I know you guys are busy.

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  • Has there been any resolution on this?

    I am unclear whether I should change the settings for upload in my WP options, to absolute paths as suggested by the thread, or not.



    In case anyone else comes across this and cares, I asked Adriaan at ecto, he told me to ask my server, my server suggested a two-line addition to my .htaccess file, and all now works perfectly once again.

    For the next person searching on this topic, would you consider sharing what those two lines were?

    I’m not sure how secure that would be; they are an exception to mod_rewrite and I don’t fully understand them so I would rather not. Maybe Adriaan will share them at ecto support. I sent them to him.

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