• Hey there.

    I have a couple of questions regarding the setup. I hope you can help me clarify these.

    The directions asks me to:

    Remove standard E-commerce code from thank you along with the ecommerce.js which is included by ga(‘require’, ‘ecommerce’, ‘ecommerce.js’);. If you are using a third party plugin for e-commerce tracking, you would have to disable the plugin.

    The only thing I have injected on the thankyou page is conversion tracking using conversion.js. Do I need to disable this?

    I am using Google Analyticator for injecting analytics on my site. I have set it to use the traditional GA.js. Do I need to disable this as well?



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  • Plugin Author Tatvic



    Thank you for contacting us.

    Since our plugin works on Enhanced Ecommerce feature of the Universal Google Analytics, it supports analytics.js script and not the Classic Analytics script ga.js . If you are using any 3rd Party Plugin to insert the analytics code on your website, you can perform it via our plugin by simply adding the UA tracking ID of your GA account in our plugin’s settings page.

    Also, Can you let us know, what type of conversion tracking you are using with your GA account?

    Hope that addresses your concern.
    Thanks 🙂

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