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  • Hi,
    Don’t know if I’m in right part of forum but thought I’d try anyway…
    Can anyone please give me a recommendation for a simple, easy-to-use reliable premium ecommerce template with good, trustworthy ongoing (preferably UK) support?
    It doesn’t have to have a slider, just a simple easy-edit design with integrated basket & all usual shop back-end stuff like add items, stock control, etc.
    I’ve googled this and there’s just too many to go through and choice so would welcome any recommendations?
    Many thanks in advance

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  • I would suggest to first determine which ecommerce plugin / system you want to use, as that is the most important part.

    There are numerous ecommerce plugins / solutions available for WordPress, so check out the various ecommerce plugins options (e.g. WP-ecommerce, WooCommerce, Shopp etc) that are available for WordPress to see which one has the features you require and is the best to use for your situation.

    Once you have decided which Ecommerce plugin you want to use you can then go through the themes which are specifically built to support that plugin.

    You could also integrate your ecommerce plugin into any theme you select with a bit of work. For example the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin from WooThemes will work with any theme. WooThemes also have a number of themes specifically designed for their plugin.

    Hope that helps a bit.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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