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  • I am new to WP, but I have to say from what I have read it is pretty powerful.

    I am looking for an eCommerce solution, but after reading many posts, I can not seem to find exactly what I am looking for, maybe some one here would be kind enough to help.

    I do architecture, and I have a hard drive full of house plans, and I want to sell the Cad files (digital) and other files like textures in Jpeg format.

    I would like to find a cart that:

    1. Enables specific fields when uploading. for instance, when I upload a house design, I need to show # of beds # baths, etc. in some kind of field box so these can be searched.

    2. When up-loading a texture, I will need different fields. Like File type and pixel dimensions.

    I would like to have these fields appear when ever I upload a respective file.

    I don’t want to have to keep adding specific fields to the product. When I upload a house, I want to just see the fields specific to the house, and when uploading an image, only see the fields specific to the image.

    I guess I might have to have 2 different add product sections?

    I hope I am clear, if not please forgive my vagueness.

    Hope some one can get back to me!

    Thanks for your time in advance!


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  • Hi Rob,

    I’m quite new to wordpress too. I’ve been using WooCommerce for a few ecommerce sites and I’ve found it quite flexible and easy to use. I don’t know if it will meet all your requirements, but there are a lot of plugins you can add on to specialise your site.

    Also in WooCommerce you can add product tags and then place these in the side bar as a search filter.

    That might be generic to all e-commerce platforms, but I wouldn’t know because I’ve only used this one!

    Hope that helps

    LSB Web Design


    You should be able to achieve this with WooCommerce used in conjunction with a couple of plugins. It might be worth looking at advanced custom fields as well.

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