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    i’m using the Shopp ecommerce plugin for wordpress an having some trouble.

    if you go to this page, select any one of the product versions, then click “Add to Cart and Calculate Shipping”, you will then find yourself on the “Cart” page.

    So here’s where I’m having trouble. If you change the shipping country to canada, then click “Update Subtotals”, you’ll notice that the shipping price changes to the Canadian price of $20. So the shipping estimator functinality works on a country level.

    However, each state has its own shipping rate too. So if you switch the country back to USA, then select any state from the dropdown, and click “Update Subtotals”, you’ll see that the shipping price never changes from $10, even though there’s different rates for each state in the database.

    So how do I get the cart form to be updated/submitted to the server so the new rates display for different US States???

    here’s the code from my cart.php page:

    And here’s the section of the Shopp documentation that talks about shipping-estimates. you’ll notice it only mentions “a list of countries fro shipping destinations”:

    <?php shopp('cart','shipping-estimates'); ?>
    “Displays a drop-down menu that provides a list of countries for shipping destinations. This menu allows the shopper to select a shipping destination country to get a shipping quote without the need to fill out their entire shipping address. It should be noted that there is no submit button to go with the menu. JavaScript functionality is built-in to Shopp to detect when the menu is present and auto-update when the setting is changed. If the auto-update fails, the shopper can also use the button displayed by shopp(‘cart’,’update-button’).”

    State estimates are not built in. So i’m trying to figure out how to get trigger the estimate when a state is selected.

    please advise. thanks in advance!

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