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Ecommerce options for WP ??

  • What’s the current thinking with WordPress eCommerce solutions (as of June 2011)?

    I’ve tried Cart66 (formerly PHPurchase), and although it’s a reasonably a decent, workable solution for a *small* quantity of items, it’s a little bit tedious for larger shops. When my clients ask ask me to create a shop, most want a ready rolled full shop experience.

    I’ve also tries Shopp but it’s awful and it had terrible (non-existent) support.

    I had great hopes for Wp eCommerce too, but after an eternity of development, the current version (3.8.4 for WP version 3.1.3) appears to be broken according to the plugin page (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-e-commerce/).

    So the question is simpleā€¦.

    Is there a GOOD AND FULLY WORKING Shop/Store plugin for WordPress, that isn’t just a simple payment mechanism (Cart66), and preferably, has a paid support option?

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