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    I am going to be building a small online store for a friend. I will likely get the e commerce gold plugin and maybe the drag and drop feature. I was wondering if I need to run wordpress in https and buy certificates. If I don’t what types of warning messages will I get? If I get a certificate and run the site in the normal http directory will I still get the warnings when I buy stuff? I’m very new to this realm. I am running on a dedicated IP. Another question, Will the ecommerce Gold plugin enable me to accept payments without the use of paypal? I can’t find a clear list of features and functions of the plugin. If anyone knows any answers to these questions I would greatly appreciate it:)

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  • You can use other gateways than paypal, but at the moment they are all New Zealand, like the company making wp e-commerce. In one of the next releases they are integrating google cart, which you can use if you are in USA or UK.

    I run the shop without ssl/certs etc, no warnings come up.

    Thanks for the info:) So is your wordpress url an http or https? Because I tried to install mine as an https and it looks like it is going to be a huge hassle.

    If your run your e-comm site without ssl, security aware users would most likely avoid buying anything from you. Would you send your CC number and other info over the net in plain text?

    dont forget though that using paypal etc, their servers are secure, and that is where the transactions take place, not on your own site.

    Epicalex, that’s what I was thinking as well. Once you decide to “check out” you enter your info into whatever gateway you choose (paypal, etc.). I think I will just run the site in normal http and give it a go. Thanks for the help!

    I am using WP ecommerce and also the Gold plugin with

    I have amde my checkout pages https but I get secure/insecure warnings on all pages. If I opt to not display insecure items then the page is displayed with no graphics except the header and the side bar under the centre. It does not matter what theme I used. This applies to default.

    So can anyone help me fix this?

    Can you tell us how you resolved it?

    I got this to work if I changed the whole site to run under SSL. The format problems went but I still had the secure/insecure warning as the posts have lots of links to other sites.

    So still really not fixed …

    I should add I changed the site to run under SSL using the options. Just replaec http with https

    Do that again.

    I should add I changed the options link to https to do this.

    What I want is to run selective pages under SSL like a normal ecommerce site would.

    For wpeCommmerce with the Gold module, you can change certain checkout page to SSL but you get the format problem.

    I installed the Gold version of this plug-in for use with and noticed that it didn’t actually validate expiration date against the card – it just checks to ensure that the date isn’t in the past. Is this correct?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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