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  1. ryanpym
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am currently fiddling round with the latest posts by author plugin.

    At present, you can put the plugin into the theme pages by using <?php echo do_shortcode('[latestbyauthor author="username" show="3"]'); ?> This requires you to manually input the authors username.

    I am trying to automate this setting the user name based on the users profile you are viewing - here is the user profile page for reference: http://www.copymusic.co.uk/COPYmusicscout2/

    Now I am familiar with how to pull the relevent users name, as I have used the following code to correctly display the "view uploads by xxxxx" link. I have been using the following: <?php echo $user->screenname; ?>.

    I therefore tried using <?php echo do_shortcode('[latestbyauthor author="<?php echo $user->screenname; ?>" show="3"]'); ?> which didn't work.

    I read something online which suggested the 2nd echo wasn't required so I tried <?php echo do_shortcode('[latestbyauthor author=" $user->screenname" show="3"]'); ?> which again didn't work.

    I am therefore a little stuck . . At the moment it is just displaying the last few posts onto the site, I have fiddle around manually inputting the relevent user name and it does work, but obviously shows the same posts regardless of user profile!

    I am pretty familiar with some PHP so can take simple instructions, unfortunately I am a bit stuck at this time!

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, if you need any more detail, please let me know!

    Many thanks

  2. bcworkz
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Right now, you are saying the author's name is literally the string "$user->screenname", the element is not getting resolved to the proper value. You need to readjust the syntax. Note the quote switch, this allows variables to be resolved.
    <?php echo do_shortcode("[latestbyauthor author='$user->screenname' show='3']"); ?>
    This will fix the syntax, not totally sure $user->screenname will actually work still. You may need to add $name = get_the_author_meta('display_name'); before the echo and use the $name variable in place of $user->screenname.

  3. ryanpym
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Many tanks bcworkz, re-adjusting the syntax did the trick! no need to add the rest!

    Once again another fine response from the WordPress community.

    Kind Regards,

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