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eBay Editor Kit formatting wrong. CSS fix doesn't want to work.

  • Hi,
    I am trying to install the eBay Editor Kit on a page. I have no problem with installing it. It shows up just fine. My problem is that it looks horrible. The formatting of the img borders is very thick and makes the entire widget look bad. I have tried to use img(display: block;) in my css but nothing makes any difference. Nothing changes no matter what css formatting changes I make.

    To see what the kit looks like installed go to:


    Any suggestions or URL leads to an explanation?

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  • I guess I have to wonder if anyone ever answers these posts from people needing assistance. In two years and posting 3 or 4 questions, no one has ever replied or given an answer.



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    With all due respect, you’ve only ever posted 3 topics – including this one. This is an incredibly busy, volunteer staffed, forum.

    And I can’t see any thick borders on your ebay images.

    The image borders on the entire widget are too thick. That is why the bottom of the widget under the header part of the widget is about 100px wider than the top. I was able to narrow the entire widget down quite a bit by using width: auto in the img css for the eBay widget.

    By the way thanks for responding. I just didn’t realize it would take longer than 2 days to get a response so I truly appreciate yours.

    Also, when taking another look at the widget, it looks as though the entire bottom part of the widget is being widened to the point that it is making the small item images look the right height but way too wide. They should be squares, not rectangles.




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    I think you’ll find that those dark grey “borders” are actually the background color of the iframe(?) that the plugin’s script is displaying on your site. I assume this is a plugin, yes? I can see reference to what appear to be a dark grey background in both scripts (header & content of the widget).

    Getting a response in a timely manner on the forum is a bit of a hit and miss thing, I’m afraid. A lot depends upon the way in which the topic title and and initial post are phrase. Too little info and people end up going “Uh” and wandering of elsewhere. Too much detail has a similar effect. But the biggest factor of all is whether the right people with the right tools/expertise are around when you post.

    I have to say that I’ve never heard of the eBay Editor Kit before. Perhaps some of the other forum regulars were also a bit mystified by it too. 🙂

    I am still having the same problem with this editor kit not formatting correctly. Does anyone have any further suggestions?

    The “editor kit” is a regularly used widget from eBay Partner Network affiliate program to allow web users to click on a listing and the owner of the widget gets paid the affiliate dollars.

    To see what it “should” look like you can see a smaller version here:

    I have tried assigning <div class="ebayWidget"> to the javascript code block.

    And using the following css in my css file:

    .ebayWidget img{
    	border:0 none !important;
    	border-width:0;	margin:0 !important;
    	padding:0 !important;	width: auto;

    I you take a look at the widget as it appears on the page you will see that my borders are all too wide and making the whole widget look spread out.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Same problem here, looks horrible in both the 2010 and 2011 templates. I would love to find a fix for this.

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