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  • hi
    daniel (tha plugin author). I already wrote you on your website but i need an answer as soon as possible..i’m trying to convince my coworkers about the advantages of using wp…

    I used the EasyPermGals plugin, then i deactivate it but it still affects my pages. Even if i modify my template and insert only text in my pages they still show up some thumb images as before (when i used the plugin).

    Is there a way to clean the wp db from stuff not used any longer?
    Does anyone know how to do it indipendently from the plugin?

    thankx vitto

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  • it’s ok now..i just deleted everything from the posts table..fortunately it’s not a real site..
    but this cache problem is really annoying..

    Sorry, just found this post 🙂

    It seems to be a caching issue, since once EasyPermgals is deactivated, it seizes to work.
    the only thing this plugin adds to the WP database are the options you are able to specify (auto-mode, code before/after and if you want to use lightbox).
    Easypermgals works by adding something to the_content – once you turn it off, nothing is added.
    So it is simply a cache issue, since WordPress has a bunch of Pages or posts in it’s cache and continues to serve them. There must be a “delete cache” option somewhere with that caching plugin!

    The advantages of using WP is, you don’t have to create the back-end by yourself. All the CMS-functions and uploads etc. are implemented, you basically have to concentrate on the front-end only.
    What site are we talking about, maybe I can provide some tipps as to how you might want to proceed.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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