easy_validator has messed things up but that is not the primary issue . (2 posts)

  1. llorch
    Posted 4 years ago #

    disabled easy validator and now able to upload all exported posts but can't open the post in view mode how do I get the system to revert to the name spacing it originally had or how do I get new post to use a name spacing that exists because I'm not able to open for viewing any of my pages or posts.
    in edit mode post opens with the following string:
    but the link for the post which is:
    only gives a page not found error. how can I correct this and import the pages cleanly.

  2. llorch
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Wont let me edit this post so I'm adding corrections in this reply all pages and post are accessible only in edit mode. the strings above are still the same and still don't work when trying to view either post or page. they drop you to the page not found page which lists every page and post but the links there are the same as the links above they also don't work to view the page. I believe the issue is with the database and have to correct this quickly this being our primary site. so I'm not inclined to rebuild it from scratch. the menus alone would take the better part of the day to recreate. is there a way to get around this and get the documents to be viewable.

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