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  • The beta version is a big improvement for how it looks in my Android phone and the single-column template fits the screen size in both landscape and portrait modes. However, as a recipient of a newsletter, I still cannot resize it. When I created the test newsletter, I chose a 16px font size, and it is easy to read on my phone. Nevertheless, we cannot assume that everyone has “normal” vision (even with glasses), so it ought to be resizable by the user.

    I played with a two-column layout, which looked great on my laptop. In the phone, the columns were correctly changed to a single column, as having two side-by-side columns on a phone would be rather ridiculous. My complaint here is that the originally side-by-side columns were indented compared to the single column above, leaving me with a ridiculously and unnecessarily single narrow column on the phone. So I do not recommend using a two-column layout.

    I realize that creating a truly responsive layout can be a pain (especially if you are retrofitting rather than creating from scratch). Everything else seems to work well once I figured out what was going on when I dragged things around. Learning by doing worked, so I consider it easy enough to learn.

    I gave it 5 stars because for the most part it is great. I just wish it were truly responsive. I will be creating a core functionality plugin to make it so – once I figure out how to do that. There are great instructions for an older MailPoet version here.

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  • Thanks for the thorough and clear review. 🙂

    Note that Gmail’s app doesn’t yet fully support media queries which would fix both issues you mentioned (readable font size app and 2 columns appearing narrow) on mobile app.

    Gmail has made improvements recently, and we hope to adapt MailPoet 3 in due time for better responsive results!

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