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  • This is my first website to wordpress conversion and I have been trying many different ways to seamlessly convert this website to wordpress. I have been looking in “converting HTML to WordPress.” i would use a website called ThemeMatcher that would create a theme from the HTML/CSS.

    However, I have been browsing around GoDaddy’s file manager utility, and I have noticed that all of the Webpages on the orignal site are .php files. Not only that, but the .php files look similar to the .php files used in wordpress (No wp-content, wp-admin, etc folders however).

    I am wondering if I have been taking the long route with the migration. Is it simpler to work with .php files for conversion that using HTML alone?

    If someone could give me some help/tips/pointers on doing this conversion I would greatly appreciate it. I have been working on this website for a few weeks now and really need to finish this soon. However I feel that i still have quite a bit of work to do.

    I am converting this website to WP for a friend. She paid quite a bit of money getting the website designed. However it is all code and she has no idea how to update or change the site’s content. She also has a tumblr which is linked to from the website. I told her with WP the blog would be seamless.

    There are some flaws with the conversion:

    1. There is a gap between the header and the top of the page on WP (not on original)
    2.Fonts will not work
    Using original site CSS, which uses @fontface to declare fonts. Have tried putting this all over WP and nothing.
    3. The WP style.css that Themematcher created only contains the Theme info. There is a second style.css in a folder entitled “CSS” within the theme folder. This file contains the original website CSS. Hoever this file is not visible within the file manager of Godaddy or in the WP Appearance-Editor. This means everytime i try to change something in the CSS I have to do so locally and then rezip and reupload, which is EXTREMElY inconvenient.

    Here is the original Website:
    Here is the WP:

    The links in the menu on the WP link to the original website. However I have “recreated” those pages in WP. I just have not updated the menu.

    I will give you all the information in the world for you to help me. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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  • 1. Make sure you have the wp_head and wp_footer at the top and bottom of the page respectively. This is the gap at the top you’re referring to.. There’s supposed to be a menu up there :). The codex can help you determine where need to go exactly…

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