• The plugin is clearly laid out and easy to use even for non-programmers. Unfortunately, however, there are completely nonsensical restrictions (I have the paid Pro version).

    We are talking about a CRM here. It should be a tool to manage relationships with customers in different ways.

    With the automations, it is not possible to run more than one process for the same customer or to send emails to multiple recipients whose addresses you enter via a form field. The plugin supports the parsing of shortcodes in various places, but not in the “Custom Email” field. This makes no sense and limits the possibilities. The support is friendly, but not helpful. There is no will to improve the plugin.

    What a pity: it’s a good approach, but unfortunately it lacks basic functions that I expect from a CRM.

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  • Plugin Support Nazir Himel


    Hi @danyelandre,

    You opened a support ticket a month ago and asked if you could create an invoice automation. More specifically, you want the contact to exist in the automation twice. That conversation ended with you asking this as a feature and our support engineer taking it as a feature request.

    You reopened the ticket 13 days ago and tried to solve the problem with a workaround. By looking at the last few replies, I understand that you’re trying to send emails to a custom address (preferably by parsing contact information via form field data. And then there was no reply from you.

    While I do agree that this feature isn’t available, you can’t really rate the plugin 2* for a feature that doesn’t exist. This is a very advanced use case and we can’t develop such features overnight.

    We put a lot of effort into building world-class solutions and support customers wholeheartedly. So, I really hope you will reconsider your review and help us improve FluentCRM.


    Thread Starter DanyelAndre


    Hello Nazier.

    Thank you for your reply. Our correspondence looked a little different.

    My workaround would have been a viable solution to the problem and I don’t think processing two or more automations in parallel for the same customer is an unusual use case for a CRM. It makes no sense to me at all that dynamic values are not possible in the Custom Address field.

    Your plugins make a good impression at first glance and are easy to use, but from my point of view, basic functions are clearly missing here. I also realise that you can’t implement any customer requests overnight. But the last message from you in the support ticket was “that’s not possible”. No mention that this function could come in the future (what was my question). That’s why I didn’t reply any further, because I found out for myself that it doesn’t work and your reply didn’t contain any new information for me.

    I would like to repeat once again: for me, there is a clear lack of basic functions and if it is improved in a later version, I will be very happy to change my assessment.

    Best regards, Danyel

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