Ultimately, I had to ditch this plugin. Often times, when clicking submit, it would change to “Processing Form…” and just sit there forever. I spent a lot of time on the forums trying to figure out what the problem was, but there were a lot of people complaining about that problem and the solutions that I tried didn’t work for me. I cannot roll out a website with functionality that only works occasionally.

    I removed this plugin and reduced this review from three stars to two stars.

    I love this plugin!! Eventually, I’ll probably buy the extensions, but for now, this version meets most of my needs.

    However, I frequently run into problems and wind up having to close the browser window and re-open it to recover (and thus lose my progress since the last “Publish”.

    1) I’m creating a form with 20 questions and almost as many headings (besides labels). After moving back and forth in the form, opening fields and moving to other fields, ninja forms starts to hang. Clicking the “Done” button takes it upwards of 60 seconds to save. The only solution that I’ve found is to immediately click “Publish” to save the form, then close the browser window and start again. If I don’t immediately click “Publish”, then I’ll be closing the browser without saving my progress and thus losing anything I’ve done since the last “Publish”.

    2) If I change the Administration Field Key from something really long to something shorter, then the “Done” button gets grayed out and there is no way to cancel my edits or reset the field value. The only solution that I’ve found is to close the browser window, which as noted above, means that I lose everything that I’ve done in the form since the last “Publish”.

    I’ve lost my progress a half dozen times this morning while working on a single form. The ability to back up (the browser back button doesn’t accomplish this) or reset the current configuration page would be a great add-on feature.

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