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  • Well actually the Cookie Law plugin is not a blonde or a brunette, but regardless, I’m a little bit surprised to see her hanging out as a top level menu item.

    Richard any chance you could put Cookie Law into Settings menu where she belongs? Cookie Law should really be a set and forget affair.

    At least make Settings menu an option. I could force the issue but I’d really not like to descend to hacks for basic functionality.

    Alec Kinnear

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  • Richard


    Hi Alec,

    Well I’ll give you one thing- that’s probably the most memorable review I’ll ever receive 🙂

    There are a bunch of updates coming very soon including this. This particular update has actually been in on my development branch for a while now. It’s not quite as simple as moving it to the settings menu because it also uses a custom post type which needs a home too, but watch this space.


    Hi Richard,

    Glad I could bring a smile to your face today. Thanks for creating a simple solution to the EU cookie problem.

    While working with CookieLaw, I’ve noticed another significant oversight. I might be missing something, so if I am let me know. Perhaps you already have our issue covered.

    1. CookieLaw overlay should either not show to logged in users at all or if a logged in user accepts the cookies, CookieLaw overlay should never show up in any browser or computer of his/hers.

    Right now our top of the page CookieLaw overlay actually hides under WordPress’s sitewide front end admin bar (the black one). Making it impossible for me to even dismiss it in browsers where I’m logged in.

    2. A bit of code which would make this issue less irritating would be CSS to push CookieLaw overlay below the WordPress black front end admin bar.

    Does this make sense?

    Cordial regards,




    Hi Alec

    I think “major oversight” is a bit strong- like any software, features are prioritised and some get built, others left out and some put on the backlog for another time or version. There are all kinds of features that I could build, but I keep focused on those that provide a direct solution to the cookie law otherwise what should be a simple plugin can get bloated with features not required by 99% of those using it.

    Regardless- there are a bunch of updates coming soon so watch this space 🙂


    Hi Richard,

    Please quote me correctly: “significant oversight” is not “major oversight”.

    In any case:

    Fix one. A simple one. Don’t show CookieLaw to logged in users. Standard WordPress function.
    Fix two. It’s a line or two of CSS.

    Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Both of these are low investment high return fixes. Prioritise those and you’ll make a lot of users very happy at basically no expense to the project. I’m not sure about the luck you’ll have making a pro plugin out of this as either CookieLaw works or it doesn’t. Trying to reserve “features” like the ones I’ve suggested as pro features probably won’t work. Automated deployment of configurations to multiple websites is the kind of thing you can sell as pro without making crippleware.

    Good luck!

    Making the web work for you, Alec

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