• My first wordpress theme I had, a friend said it was outdated and needed a lift badly. I asked other friends what they thought and they said it wasn’t to bad. That meant my website needed a makeover and fast. I searched and tried different themes for about 3 days to find one that worked. I didn’t want a theme that was the ‘trendy’ thing that everyone was doing, because those all seem noisy to me. I wanted simplicity, elegant, organic, professional and still look great on all types of devices.

    I choose the Blossom SPA theme because their documentation was so detailed with instructions and I would be able to customize it with more options available. I did have concerns about the support being on the other side of the world just incase I needed quick response. When I ran into problems with the blogs not showing the excerpts (full blog instead), I sent an email to the Blossom Support. Milan replied within 12 hours (due to time difference) and asked detail questions. Milan then explained why the problem was happening and gave me a solution. It worked for a good portion of my blogs, and being from the IT world I decided to recreate the problem 6 blogs with Milan’s solution. This fixed the problem.
    Milan did respond to my emails within 15 minutes when we were both up at the same time.

    I love the feel of the Blossom Spa theme because it feels so organic and calm. The best part is I am able to customize the colors and fonts and really add me to the my website. I have had friends and family look at my refreshed website and they all say that it is very professional looking now. I didn’t hear those words before with my two previous themes. Clients have said that it is so easy to navigate it.

    I highly recommend the Blossom Spa theme because it has very detailed documentation, timely responses from Blossom Support, way more options to really make the website your own with all your touches and because it felt more unique and it really does have a SPA feel to the theme.

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