• I’ve been using this plugin for a year now with EDD and although the updates aren’t that frequent, they aren’t necessary either. The plugin still works fine and I haven’t had any issues with it since I installed it.

    I use this plugin combined with EDD Moneybird, and I’ve developed a little plugin which acts as glue for all Mollie orders coming in, and marks the invoices as paid automatically in Moneybird. Works great! 🙂

    Edit: After finding out that this plugin severely slowed down my checkout page (loading time 4+ seconds with only 2 payment methods enabled) I have to lower the score for this review. I still like the plugin, the way it is built and how easy it was to develop with it. But the official payment methods plugin are waaayy faster.

    Edit #2: Ewout contacted me, and offered a new version of this plugin, which is currently in testing stage. This version resolves the issues I was having. So, I’m reverting my scores to 5 stars! Hopefully this testing version will be released to the public soon!

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