• Having used Jomres with Joomla for the last 3 years and therefore becoming intimate with the software, I was keen to make a transition to WordPress for the benefits that WordPress offers in terms of accessibility and breadth of useful functionality whilst also being easy for the end user to maintain after development.

    Jomres is a hefty piece of kit and has so much in it. Some of it is superfluous to some applications. You do not require all the bells & whistles for every site. Like any development project we commence, we need to think outside the box and not expect something to come off the shelf to suit our particular site. That’s the difference between a developer and a hobby user.

    Get to know the software and understand what needs configuring to provide the functionality required and the system does all you need in a very sweet way.

    WordPress to some people is difficult. Perhaps that’s due to inexperience but again, once you get to know the wordpress, you can create excellent sites in your sleep that can knock spots off Joomla in terms of ease of access and maintenance for end users.

    Today I installed and configured a new wordpress site and installed & configured 3 hotel properties and made test bookings and tested payments via paypal sandbox within 4 hours of starting.

    Jomres on WordPress is a breeze.

    Thanks Vince & team, your work is greatly appreciated.

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