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  • Please help! : (

    I’ve had my blog [] live for a few weeks but there are a few little gremlins I just cannot fix.

    a) I am trying to add caption text under my images but they are over-spilling and it looks ugly. See here for example:
    Anyone figure out how to sort this?

    b) I want to only display a few lines of each blog entry on the homepage and not the full text as is currently happening. How do I control this?

    c) I am looking for London based designer who can create a bespoke theme for my blog. Anyone interested in earning some easy £?

    Thanks for your time.


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  • a. You’ll have to fiddle with a class in your stylesheet. I can try to look at it later. My eyes are killing me and I’m getting ready to go offline in a bit.

    b. Open your theme’s template, index.php. Find the_content and change it to the_excerpt.

    c. Why just local? This is the internet after all; we are all just a keystroke away from each other. 😀 Semi-kidding aside, why don’t you try the WP Pro mailing list. Post your project there and specify that you want a local designer to help you.

    Or you can open a new thread here and post your contact info. Per the forum rules, once you post contact info, the thread will be closed to replies, but people can contact you about your job.

    Good luck.

    Hi J,

    I’ve never really used these community forums before and amazed they actually are a great source of help! : )

    Thanks for ur help!!!!!!!!!

    PS If you could solve my a) problem above I ‘d be really grateful as it drives me mad every day I go to edit.
    I was wondering if I deleted the text and then wrote it in Textpad, and then copied it into the wysiwig editor in WordPress that may work? beyond that I’m stumped!!

    i ve tried your suggestion for problem b. However I want to viewers to see the first 4-6 lines of blog + the image.

    Also it displays the […]. can I make this a hyperlink? And change it to something more obvious like ‘read more’?

    Again, any help really appreciated! : )

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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