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  • edwardsmarkf


    hi all –

    sorry for such an easy brain-dead question, but i am sorta sick today and the brain is not fully functioning.

    when i insert a media-image, first i switch from “visual” to “text”, and then i insert the following code to “float” the image to one side or the other:

    <div style='float:left;'>
    <img stuff… />

    i am wondering how to have some sort of environmental variables set (or is it a ‘macro’ ?) , so i can do something like:

    STARTFLOATLEFT = <div style='float:right;'>
    ENDFLOATLEFT = </div>

    and then use the following in the page/post instead:

    <img stuff….>

    for a bonus extra-credit point, please help me to pass in ‘right’ or ‘left’ into the environmental variable from the shortcut:

    thank you, and i apologize for the brain-dead question.

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