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  • Hi All!

    I have been directed here for help! I have built a wordpress site recently and have used the ‘Easy Pricing Table’ plugin to display product prices multiple places throughout my site –

    This is a great plugin and works fine, however i need to do a modification to it and dont know how much work this actually is to do.

    At the bottom of each table there is a ‘submit’ or ‘Book’ type button and this can be directed to a url or do another function. I need this button to be duplicated for each table. The top button would say ‘Book’ (which it does presently) and the bottom button would say ‘Email Quote’. Both of these buttons need to be directed to different URLS.

    Please see the following link to see how it looks right now:

    I have done JPEG mockup of how i want it to look here:

    I have tried the plugin support forum from the plugin page and no replies.

    Can anyone please advise how big this job is to do and whether something can be done globally and hard coded for all current and future pricing tables, or amendments need doing to each pricing table on each product category?

    Thanks very much in advance for any help you can give, i am lost and need to finish my site urgently|


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  • Moderator bcworkz


    I’m not familiar with this plugin, but I’m fairly certain this can be done globally as part of the generic output. Any specific details unique to each table should be manageable by code and not require table by table customizations. If one was familiar with the plugin, placing the extra button and associated code would take little time.

    If someone needed to become familiar enough with the plugin to do this, that time could vary greatly. The solution could be obvious and take no time at all, or it may take much study and testing, it’s hard to say.

    The plugin does not appear to have any useful hooks to allow easy, clean extending. Few do actually. While simply adding some code at the correct locations could be the entire solution, it all would get erased when the plugin gets updated and need to be reapplied. Taking some extra time to design a solution that is easily applied after updating would take some additional work that is well worth doing. Much like becoming familiar with the plugin, the time required to do this is highly variable.

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