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  • Are you referring to a way to roll back your installation to a previous version of WordPress? Or a way to roll back to a backup?

    Either way, it’s not a core WP function

    To go to a previous different version of WP would never be built in, as the only supported version of WP is the most recent one. Each version of WP contains bug and security fixes which are essential.

    To restore a backup would be handy in core I’m sure. But different people back things up in different ways, to different sources. If it was built into WP, it would probably rely on backing up to the same server WP is on – which isn’t a great option. Plus it would introduce a lot of bloat, and headaches. Backups are handled well by a variety of plugins and services which do let you roll your site back to a working backup quite well.

    I was referring to a roll back in the installation. Something like when you upgrade WP saves the last good install and if it doesn’t work there’s a one click “save me” re install.

    That would be handy, but that’s one of those features I believe you’ll find the WP folks would say is best left to an external service

    There are a wide variety of services that offer that functionality. Look into some of the backup services available out there – they do offer the ability to roll back quite easily

    The main problem with building it into core is that, if you upgrade and your installation goes belly up, you wouldn’t be able to use the restore functionality built into WP if WP wasn’t working!

    I was hoping to read “hey, great idea, that’ll be added to wordpress 3.6”, but, sadly, yeah, that doesn’t look doable.

    Too bad, I guess that leaves us with the previous solution (that I never follow, always cursing my recklessness), to have a test clone blog in a subdir in which we’ll test if the update doesn’t break anything important to us :-/

    @pete : that would be the “better than nothing” solution, a hidden copy-clone blog in a subdir, just for testing updates and stuff.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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