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  • Resolved Terence Milbourn


    Do you have any plans to create, or do you know of any migration plugins that will easily convert Yoast SEO, or any other metadata for that matter, to SEO Framework, and make it very easy to migrate?

    I have 50+ sites to do, so I could use a little programmatic help.

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  • Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @terence,

    Thank you for leaving another question 🙂 Keeps me busy (in a good way)! ^^

    I do have plans for making a migration plugin, but I’m afraid this has been done so already a long time ago! Please see the following plugin:

    That plugin doesn’t support The SEO Framework.

    There’s a nice catch here: The SEO Framework was initially built upon The Genesis Framework.

    I believe that you can transport the data with the plugin provided above from other SEO plugins to Genesis. From there, The SEO Framework will pull everything like Genesis does.

    However, before you get your hopes up, I must advice to first test this on a small installation. I still have to test this but it will not hurt :). My initial tests have already proven that it should work 🙂 (migrating from Genesis SEO to The SEO Framework).

    The data will be saved as Genesis options. The SEO Framework uses the same option names and it’s stored as per-post/page metadata. So every plugin can pretty much access it.

    I hope this helps!

    Thanks and have a great day 🙂

    Backstory time!
    I use Genesis for my themes, and I got too lazy for maintaining the SEO. So I built “AutoDescription” which injected into the Genesis options. A few weeks later I built a lot more functions around Genesis SEO and from there I made my own SEO Box because I was missing some features within Genesis (which are actually “Premium” features in other SEO plugins).
    A few months later I uploaded it to, and started improving it to perfection 😀

    Within a few months it exploded with a lot of options and now we’re here with The SEO Framework :D.

    Complete backstory is found here (the changelog), from 171 (1.0.0) lines of code to 14206 (2.2.8):
    I got most dates right but you can see I started uploading it to WordPress on 29th of May 🙂
    I found one of the most early releases here: (March 15th)

    Thread Starter Terence Milbourn


    Yes, I did know about that plugin, but obviously not the back story on Genesis metadata compatibility.

    Personally, I would not rely on that, even though it might be very good. I would put out your own simple Yoast to SEO Framework “Transformer”, just as soon as possible.

    There’s an awful lot of people who are pissed of with Jost right now.

    But, even if you miss the rush this time, you won’t have to wait very long before he releases another buggy release and you can catch the wave then… 8^)

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Well, it’s made by the authors of Genesis (StudioPress), so you’ll know it’s good!

    I do however have the intentions to make a migration plugin, but seeing how well built StudioPress’ migration plugin is and at the same time how simple it’s written, I’m not sure if I could ethically take that away from them to just support my plugin solely (and Genesis, simultaneously, same option names). But I do see paths for improvement and extension (more plugins!).

    Until then, let me know if you encounter any issues with the one provided by StudioPress 🙂

    I must note, I’m off to bed now so I’ll be back posting in about 10 hours.

    Thread Starter Terence Milbourn


    Sleep. Nah, you miss all the fun that way!

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Haha, you’re right! 😛

    I just tested out the SEO Data Transporter, and it works perfectly!

    I’ll leave a small tutorial on the front page of The SEO Framework’s plugin page.

    It’s basically:

    – Select on the left: WordPress SEO
    – Select on the right: Genesis
    – Hit Analyze.
    – Hit Convert.

    Done! 🙂

    I have about 8000 posts on my testing server and it was a breeze 🙂

    Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer


    Hi @terence,

    I’ve greatly improved the migration process in the latest version of The SEO Framework. It still requires the same input through the plugin provided by StudioPress.

    Read how to here:

    I’m marking this topic as resolved 🙂

    If you find any issues however, feel free to re-open or reply to this topic and I’ll try to address any issues you have with the plugin 🙂

    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

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