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  • Often I want to refer to an older post in my weblog. To find the post I have to quit the editscreen, find it, copy the link, and go back to the editscreen of the present post. It would be great to be able to browse through all the titles and after clicking the right post being rewarded by the insertion of the link to that post. I don’t mean ‘related posts’, but e reference to one specific post/subject.
    In the same manner it would be fantastic if this would also be possible from within (future) multiple blogs. Linking to posts within other blogs (within one installation of WP), and on top of that, being able to import posts from one of those other blogs.

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  • Moderator Mark Jaquith


    WordPress Lead Dev

    I usually (using Firefox), right-click the “Edit entries” link and click “open in new tab.” I can then search for the entry, and be granted its permalink. Copy/Paste, close the tab, paste in the entry.
    It’s also possible to link to it using a search term that is precise enough. title of the entry and some unique words contained in it
    Or, if you know the post slug…
    Yeah, not ideal, I’m just throwing them out there.

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