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  • Hello,

    I recently converted my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Not having all the html nor coding experience, I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to resize an image from a thumbnail to small, medium or large in my posts? I do not want to lose quality, but nor do I want to have jpg files that are extremely slow to download. From earlier support threads, I’m see that the earlier WordPress version (1.5?) was better than WordPress 2.0 in the image inserting regard. Is this true? If so, is there anyway to downgrade to the earlier version of WordPress? Or is there an EASY way to update WordPress 2.0 to be able to display images without getting extremely technical? None of plugins that are suggested for image insertion work for me. Despite Blogger’s extreme restrictions and frustrating interface, it did have a decent image insertion and resizing option. PLEASE! HELP! Thank you in advance.

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  • I guess it’s time to write a Codex article about the new image thingy on 2.0…

    Are you using the RTE (rich text editor) or the plain html editor?

    Embarrassingly, I haven’t a clue. I’m figuring rich text editor since I’ve got choices for adding bold, italics, picture, etc.

    If they are like in “MS Word” – then yes.

    When you have an image uploaded and you click on it… it will display some menu Options:

    Using Thumnbnail/Using Original <== click on it to change
    Not linked/Linked to image
    Send to editor
    Close Options

    The confusing thing is that even when selecting the Original, in the text input area it will appear a ‘thumbnail size’ something. What happens: it is the original pic with the file size (KB) untouched, just the px size has been changed.
    However, clicking on the image in the text input area you can drag the corners to make it bigger/smaller… to fit to your post.
    Does this help?

    Hi Moshu,

    Thanks for your help. No this does not resolve my problem, unfortunately. I already tried dragging the corners in my text input area, but all that happens is that the lines appear to enlarge the photo, but upon release of the mouse, the image resizes to the thumbnail.

    What I have been able to do is to ‘use original’ but the image that results in the actual live post is not the actual image, as it crops it off on the sides and the complete picture doesn’t show. Also, the picture seems superimposed over my text and has made the first few lines of my text disappear completely, even though I chose ‘align left’ in the image editor.

    Plus, when selecting the image in the text input area and then scrolling down using the scroll bar within the text input area, I notice that the image handle-bars (corners around the image) scroll up into my control panel. Very strange.

    My site is: and the post is two down entitled “New Years’ Eve Tradition Carries On” You can see that the image is cropped off at the right even though my ‘original’ image is not like this at all.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Hi, I just wanted to add that in the text input area, the ‘orgiginal image’ shows as just that the original image. However, in the live post, it shows as being cropped.

    What I have done is started tinkering with my images by resizing them down, however I am now losing picture quality and the images are horribly pixilated & grainy. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to insert images that are neither the thumbnails, nor the enormous images that are way too large to accommodate a blog post without tinkering with images. I’d have to say that although Blogger was extremely limited in it’s functionality, I did have the choice to insert images either small, medium or large without losing image quality and without creating a slow download time for the reader.

    Thanks for anyone who can help me! I really appreciate it!


    Resize the image in an image editor (Photoshop Elements, iPhoto on a Mac — there should be at least one that came free with your computer).

    Then when you upload the image using the “original” — the original is small enough so it won’t slow down your site. If you uploaded that was 320 X 240, it will be reduced automatically to 120 X 90 or some such. But as long as you chose “use original”, the image itself is still 320 X 240. Then you can use those handles and stretch the picture up to 320 X 240 and not have to worry about any image quality reduction.

    No question this is all awkward now in WP and I’m sure it will get worked out. But the key to what I’ve wirtten above is to reduce the image size in a program before uploadingn to WordPress.


    I have exactly the same question as deartco! If there is a plug-in for this, it’d be awesome. I’ll try your tips in the meantime…

    I just installed the “ImageManager” plug-in. It is okay, but there should still be a simpler solution. Read about it and download it. The resizing only happens after it has uploaded the original pick to the server. So you then have to delete the old big version after you have resized it and saved to a new file.

    My next idea is that I’d be happy with the built-in to 2.0 Image Browsers’ thumbnail making capability if I could just make those thumbs bigger, like to 320 X 240. So maybe there is a parameter that just needs to be changed there regarding the size of the thumbnail created.


    I find exactly the same problem with the size of the thumbnails. They are too small and no way to change them.
    I want to upload images at about 640×480 and have the thumbnails at 200x? ish (if you can call that a thumbnail…!)

    Thing is, I had a look through the WP source code and the thumbnail size is hardcoded with no way to use a plugin to change it !!!

    Someone correct me if I am wrong

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