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  • pls help

    i accidentally deleted some code in my “sidebar” (i did have backup – i thought – but for some reason i cant figure that out either). I used to be very up on all of this – but honestly, now all i do is post and haven’t touched any code in over a year.

    Can anyone tell me what i may have deleted to make my sidebar show up at bottom of page?

    here’s the site:

    let me know if you need more than that…

    thanks in advance for any help!

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  • Can’t you just download a new copy of your theme and upload the sidebar file?

    you know i’ve thought of that – i’m working on another issue of forgetting my password, etc to ftp site. i’m an idiot and just let things be for way too long – started site two computers ago…

    i’m really an idiot – i did just redownload theme and looking into it now…

    sorry to bother

    Well, without ftp you are not really able to edit your files, unless you leave them world writable (= open to every happy hacker!) for ages… Bad practice.

    i fixed it – thanks – just needed a quick reminder of where i was.


    no – i was using the theme editor – that’s okay – right?

    That’s absolutely NOT okey. In order to use it – you have to make your files writable (chmod 666) which means what I described above. It would be OK, if people would change the permissions back immediately to 644 after editing… but as your example shows – they are left vulnerable, as open invitation for hacking, for ages 🙁


    k – i’ve got work to do then

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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