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  • I have installed the Easy FTP Upload 2.6 plug-in and successfully uploaded a file. As the name suggests, installation and setup was easy and the plug-in seems to work well. When I try and upload a second file using the same company and username however, a receive an error message saying “Could not access directory!” If I upload using a different username and company, the plug-in creates a new directory and uploads the file. This shouldn’t be the case, as a returning user would not want to make up a new company name each time they return to upload a file.

    Also, is there any way to secure FTP access to certain users so that just anybody can’t happen upon the page and start filling up your FTP folder with junk?



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  • Plugin Author pandorawombat


    I have just made a 2.7 upgrade available that should solve the problem people were experiencing with getting it to reuse existing directories.

    As for securing FTP access, if this is a concern, you might want to consider forcing people to become users before uploading, then restricting the page to be used by registered users only. Then you could have some control by “vetting” the person before giving them an account.

    I had no desire to add any restrictive code, because the whole reason I wrote the plugin was so any customer of ours could upload without any sort of hassle or hoops to jump through. But I will try to give some thought to how I could make that an option.

    I am testing the plugin, activated the plugin, placed shortcode in a post but when I fill out the form and selected a file to upload I can see the file is uploading but it does not appear on my sites directory anywhere,

    I am using the latest version of the plugin,

    Any ideas

    Thank you.

    Thank you I discovered were the folders where, in the root directory. It seems I can only upload files up to about 8 meg in size but this I think would have more to do with my server.

    Thank you it works very well.

    I just installed 2.7 and so far so good. Would it be possible to add some kind of status meter? This plugin seems to be exactly what I need but my clients may be sending some large files and to the uninitiated it kind of seems the browser is “stuck” during long uploads. We’ve all been spoiled by jQuery and flash sites that gives us largely meaningless but reassuring status indicators.

    Hi. The plugin works great for me. Is there a way to change the message that appears upon successful upload? I changed what I thought was the message in the Upload.php file (around line 252 I believe) however, it didn’t change. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    i just installed 2.7. how to change the upload file limit? it seems only can upload 7 mb…



    I’m also looking to find out about the upload limit – I uploaded a small file, which worked great, but then a second, larger file got me an error message. Appears anything past 2mb does that…



    Found the upload Limit – it has nothing to do with the plugin, but with the php settings on your server. if you have access to your php.ini file, change it there, else ask your hosting provider. 🙂



    The plugin looks good.

    I have installed version 2.7 and it seems pretty cut and dry. I have input my FTP settings and when I attempt to upload a file, I get an error message stating, “Could not create directory! Notification email sent.”

    I have checked all of my permissions and they seem to check out? The FTP server I’m using isn’t on the same hosting account as my WP site. Could this be a problem?

    To Davidsdesk:

    I, too have reservations about allowing unfiltered / unsecured access for file uploading. I have started a different thread on the topic title “Compatible combo: reCAPTCHA with Easy FTP Upload plugin?”

    I pose the question to anyone out there as to the correct way (if indeed one exists) to incorporate reCAPTCHA box to verify the upload is a genuine trackable human initiating it. The reCAPTCHA project is a solid one and well received; what I do not know is how to work it into the Easy FTP Upload page in order for it to validate the person who is uploading. Perhaps it is not easily matched together as a combo. Also how to work around annoying double entry of name and email addresses…

    Anyone have ideas as to what would work to enable this concept?

    hgaims – I successfully installed the plugin and configured it using my exchange server. It creates a new directory based on the company name field (I had to make that a required field). Once the file is uploaded and on the FTP, no one outside of this building as access to it.

    I don’t think a Captcha is required as long as your FTP is secured and users can’t remotely access or execute files on your server. There are several ways of doing that.

    Thanks SignParrot, your comment made me realize that maybe a CAPTCHA is not really necessary, although now I will need to further acquaint myself with secure measures that need to be taken for the FTP to be protected. This is not yet a live site, still in the making stage, but your input is helpful!


    i try install your pluggin but when i try it there is this message :
    Could not create directory!
    Notification email sent.
    i create a directory in my ftp.
    can you help me please?
    best regard

    If I need to change the max file upload size, where do I need to put the php.ini file that sets that information?

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