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[Resolved] Easy FancyBox not showing YouTube videos

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  • Anybody?

    Plugin Author RavanH


    First, you need to activate the Youtube option under Settings > Media > FancyBox …

    Another problem might be the prettyPhoto script that is included in your theme and running on the same site. Either deactivate it or if you use it for images, disable the Images option in the FancyBox settings. Running both lightbox scripts for the same media is asking for trouble 😉

    Hi RavanH.

    Thanks for the reply.

    When I activate the YouTube option (have played with a number of the YouTube settings) then clicking on the YouTube thumbnail does nothing, and also seems to disable the script so that image galleries can’t be opened. Disabling the YouTube option takes the user straight through to the YouTube page when clicked.

    Have disabled PrettyPhoto … I only have Easy Fancybox running site-wide as far as I can tell. I don’t understand why this wouldn’t work?

    Plugin Author RavanH


    As far as I can tell, the Youtube option is still not active on your site and on http://www.mikescottanimation.com/work I still see the prettyPhoto script running…

    No way for me to debug without Youtube enabled in FancyBox.

    Hmm…thanks for letting me know. I’ll have to figure out how to deactivate PrettyPhoto more.

    I’ve enabled the YouTube auto-link pick-up in Easy FancyBox now.

    Thanks again.

    Hi, any luck? Have even renamed the ‘jquery.prettyPhoto.js’ file in my theme’s includes folder to ‘old_jquery.prettyPhoto.js’ but still no luck.

    Here is my portfolio.js page:



    Man, been fiddling with no such luck. I somehow think the PrettyPhoto script is disabled, but the way the portfolio module works, Canvas may automatically be putting ‘prettyphoto’ links around the youtube video code or something. What do you think? Is Easy FancyBox not picking up the links? It picks up regular links in a post, say, and works. But not in this portfolio page. Any help / advice you have would be great, thanks.

    Hi, apparently this syntax error comes up when clicking on the portfolio item:


    Any use?



    Plugin Author RavanH


    Yes, was just looking at that same error in my debug terminal output. It seems jQuery / FancyBox seems to trip over the square brackets in the rel attribute. Thinking it is to be seen as regular expression or something…

    It does not matter if youtube auto-detection us used or if you stricklty use class=”fancybox-youtube” so I’m not sure where the error actually occurs. Will do some testing with square brackets in rel attributes.

    In the mean time, is there any way for you to NOT use rel attributes on those youtube links? The image links are fine with the rel attributes, just not the youtube ones…

    Hi RavanH,

    I have asked on the Canvas forums about this:


    If you can’t view this (I think you need a username and password) please let me know and I’ll email you some details. If its worth your while you might like to have a look inside my wordpress installation. I’m not quite sure how I’d not use rel attributes for the link. Here’s the input fields I have available for the video embed on the portfolio page:



    Interestingly I installed the OrangeBox plugin and it picks up the videos. Its running on my page at the moment.

    So, any way to get Easy FancyBox to pick up those links? I’d MUCH rather have Easy Fancybox working site-wide instead of a bevvy of lightbox plugins, each of which only slightly work for some things and not for others.



    Plugin Author RavanH


    It seems I cannot access the Woothemes forums but as I understand it, you do not have much control (like rel attributes) over how the theme inserts the links in the end.

    Although FancyBox does pick up the Youtube links, as soon as one gets clicked, it (or jQuery) trips over those square brackets in the rel attributes. I’ll be doing some tests soon on my own site to see if I can find out more and if there is a way to get around it. Can I contact you if I need more info?

    When I find a fix, it will be in the next release. Up till then you might want to stick to Orangebox for displaying the youtube movies…

    Yeah, sure, please contact me. I’ve been trying to get this fixed for days on end. Its really the only thing keeping me from getting my site fully-functional. OrangeBox works OK, but it doesn’t auto-pick up a lot of stuff like my galleries in single posts, and having both FancyBox and OrangeBox running at the same time brings up two image galleries in the portfolio module, so I’d REALLY like to get Easy FancyBox working with my videos too.

    Here’s hoping for an update soon! I’ll have FancyBox running with the YouTube clicks going through the YouTube page for now.



    Plugin Author RavanH


    Did some tests and was able to reproduce the issue. As far as I can tell now, it’s not something that is limited to my plugin but related to the main FancyBox script. It happens using both the new 1.6.1 and the old 1.4 jQuery libraries. I have not tested with older FancyBox versions.

    To get other input, I’ve posted on the FancyBox forum: http://groups.google.com/group/fancybox/browse_thread/thread/31c51cf1cd4c0592

    Thanks Mike, for reporting this issue 🙂

    Hope to learn more soon…

    Hey Allard,

    Thanks for the report back. Please let me know if you turn up anything.

    Patiently awaiting any news.



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