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  • Resolved Sam


    I have used and installed Easy Fancybox a number of times and never had problems but for some reason it’s causing any Apple device I test on to break.

    The page loads fine and I click an image, the lightbox appears ok and no issue. I click the ‘X’ or anywhere else and it closes fine. But then the website stops responding, I can’t click another image or even button etc on the page and if I hit refresh on the browser it takes ages and times out.

    Anyone got any ideas what it could be? I’ve disabled Plugins and jQuery and still happening…


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  • RavanH


    Hi Forbidden, that sounds serious… I never had this reported before. Can you tell me which jQuery library version is used on your site? Or maybe share a link?



    Hi RavanH,

    I have been able to fix the issue, but it was random! It was caused by ‘php date’ in the footer, that for some reason was causing the issue? Once I had ripped everything out it worked fine and then narrowed it down to that?

    Hi, thanks for sharing your experience. Where did this “php date” come from? What was the exact code that you removed?



    No worries, helps if anyone else has this problem.

    The code I used was;

    echo date("Y")

    Which was standard was far as I was aware?

    OK, so you displayed the year in the footer and in combination with Easy FancyBox activated, this caused iPads to crash? Very weird…

    What if you hard-code 2016 there instead of <?php echo date("Y"); ?> does Safari still crash?



    Yeah I couldn’t believe when it was that causing the problem.

    I didn’t try that, I used jQuery instead in produce the 2016 and seems ok now

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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