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    This may be a no-brainer. I append the &fs=1 at the end of all youtube videos to enable fullscreen as per one of your tips. I want to explore the possibility of the new “Unbranded youtube” feature they rolled out yesterday where we have to append “?modestbranding=1” to the end of the URL. I tried this and it didn’t work. Was just curious to know how to implement it via fancybox.


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    And what happens if you open the URL (with modestbranding=1) straight in your browser? Are you seeing the movie in the Flash player or in a HTML5 player? Test this by right-clicking the movie…

    Apparently, the modestbranding switch only works on the Flash player and not on the HTML5 player. See

    This means that when the visitors browser meets the HTML5 criteria (the visitor is participant of the HTML5 test on or is using an iPad or similar) the visitor will see the movie in the HTML5 player and the modestbranding switch will have no effect. Otherwise, the Flash player will be used and the modestbranding switch should hide the Youtube logo in the bottom right corner.

    If you are using the Easy FancyBox development version (which uses the new iframe embeds for Youtube videos) but you want to force every user to see your movies in the Flash player (and thus, without Youtube logo) then you should disable the youtube auto-detect feature and use class="fancybox-swf" on all your Youtube links. But be warned: visitors on an iPad or other non-flash browsers will not be able to see your movies!

    Plugin Author RavanH


    To continue and rectify:

    I did some tests with &modestbranding=1 and found some irregular (or just confusing) behaviour on the part of Youtube but basically this is what I learned:

    The modestbranding switch seems to only work with the new iframe embed code (not with the old Flash embed code) AND only on browsers that default to the Flash player instead of the HTML5 player.

    So far I have been able to get it working with the following setup:

    1. Upgrade the Easy FancyBox plugin to the latest development version
    2. Use links in the following format:

    <a href="">link text</a>

    or if you have short-url auto detection enabled:

    <a href=">link text</a>

    I tested this on my own website in the Opera 11, FireFox 4 and Chrome 12 browsers (don’t have Internet Explorer) but again, this only works when the user is NOT participating in the Youtube HTML5 b├Ęta test program and is NOT using an iPad.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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