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  1. mates2
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am using Easy Fancy Box to open a Gravity Form in a directory on a WordPress website I am building. I was waiting for the Pro Version but can't wait any longer so am using the free version downloaded from the repository.

    This is the code I have in my directory template, single-directory.php as I am using a cpt with Advanced Custom Fields for this project. This is on a Multi-Site..

    <div style="display:none" class="fancybox-hidden">
    <div id="fancyboxID-<?php echo $i;?>" class="hentry" style="width:600px;height:400px;">
    $staff_email = get_field('email');
    $field_values=array('staff_email' => $staff_email ); 						 				
    gravity_form(2, false, false, false, $field_values, true); 
    <?php $i++;	?>

    This is the link I use to popup the fancy box.

    <div class="staff-directory-email"><h6><a href="#fancyboxID-<?php echo $i;?>" class="fancybox-inline">Contact Us</a></h6></div>

    I am having two problems. When the submit button for the email form is clicked on it takes a long time for the form to actually submit. If I put the form in a regular page the submission is fast, so it has something to do with my code or the way I am using it in Easy Fancy Box.

    Second problem is once it is submitted and the confirmation message is display, if I close the popup and then decided to send a second message the popup still shows the confirmation message instead of resetting back to the form.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. mates2
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I should also mention that when I put the same form in an Easy Fancybox iframe the submission is very fast. I thought that might indicate a some type of javascript conflict and I have disabled every other plugin to see if that would solve the problem but it didn't change anything.

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