• Among the plethora of grid gallery plugins that are in the market, EazyGrid breathes a fresh air. Sure it’s not the most feature packed grid plugin out there; it doesn’t have all the bells and whistle you may want from a behemoth plugin, but what it does have is meticulously designed UI & UX that offers just what I need, and nothing more.

    Their prebuilt grids are crafted with the user’s need in mind. So everyone has some of what they need for their grid building.

    Although EazyGrid does a lot of things right, I wanted a bit more, like built in video support, a way to share my photo from the lightbox and most importantly, custom post type support.

    Even if EazyGrid doesn’t have them, it’s fine. There’s always other plugins to achieve those. I absolutely had a blast with EazyGrid’s intuitive, native, snappy and responsive grid building.

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