• Keep your HTML code clean with this plugin!!!
    Most plugin/theme with css customisation I tested add css code directly in your html code, which is a bad code / seo practice. The other option so far was to modify the theme css. However, this practice would lead in issues when updating theme in new versions.
    CSS Autoloader allows developers to add external css file(s) WITHOUT modifying the selected theme.

    2 steps configuration :
    1. Create a folder “cssautoload” in your theme folder.
    2. Save your css file in the cssautoload folder
    And that’s it!!!!

    Result : it adds a tag in the head structure, such as : <link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’cssautoloader-a0681b9a98d7141bfe2716ded5c96bd9-css’ href=’http://www.[mysite]/wp-content/themes/sage/cssautoload/%5Bmystylesheet.css%5D?ver=1487868463&#8242; type=’text/css’ media=’all’ />

    Bottomline, this plugin is efficient and simple, I love it!!!!

    New feature suggestions :
    have a folder structure to load specific css files per post types and categories

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