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  • Easy Columns refuses to work with windows 8 mobile in portrait view. The columns just compress and the text goes all over the place. I have 3 columns left middle and right.

    Have tried it on 3 different models of Windows 8 mobile devices.

    the only way to get the page to display correctly is to tilt the mobile phone to landscape.

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  • Plugin Author Pat Friedl


    Do you have an example link? The CSS is using media queries, so it could be Win 8 mobile is reporting something I need to be aware of.

    (Using easy columns)

    basically if I use portrait view on a windows 8 mobile it goes completely wonky!
    However on every other device I have tested on, ipads, firefox ,PC, Macs , Androids it displays correctly?!
    like i said in landscape it displays correctly which leads me to believe it is something with the resolution of Windows 8 mobiles

    I made a test page using genesis easy columns which appears to work on Windows 8 mobiles to a point however the footer eats through the content.

    (Using Genesis)

    please help , I need to make this site go live soon and I’m at a complete loss on how to sort this one.

    thanks in advance much appreciated

    I can now confirm that it does not work with Surface tablets either.

    On Surface tablets it won’t work in Portrait view same as on the phone.
    Landscape view works though.
    If that helps..

    I backed up the file css/easy-columsn.css and then tried adjusting settings. The page was suddenly zoomed in.

    I restored the backed up file but now its stuck zoomed in on the windows mobile phone.

    im a bit stuck now as I have put the backup file back but still its zoomed what can I do? thanks

    I have included a couple of screenshots that show’s you what easy columns looks like on a Windows 8 phone in portrait view.

    I have included what it looks like in landscape to show you that it only seems to work when a windows phone is tilted to landscape.

    hopefully that might be useful to you…

    I’m not entirely sure what resolution the windows phones run at.

    Viewing on an Iphone it displays flawlessly!

    thank you

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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