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  • Hey,

    thanks for this Plugin! I love how easy it is to setup. But why I write this review is, because I love the way, you allow us to define a refuse cookie function!

    Its super easy to do stuff in php with your cn_cookie_accepted() function, love it!

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  • Hi Petschko,

    I love this plugin too, but still in the dark about how to use the:

    stuff in php with your cn_cookie_accepted() function

    Me and many others have popped this question in the forum, but no answer yet.
    Would you be so kind to shed some light about this feature please?

    That would help a lot of us!

    Thanks if you would take the time to share that,

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    Her is where I posted that question, and there are other threads about this too.
    Documentation is zero about this too…

    The function returns true if the user accept cookies, else it returns false (if user refuse cookies or didn’t choose an option)

    You can use it in PHP-Code for stuff

    Edit: The function is well documented, see:

     * Check if cookies are accepted.
     * @return boolean Whether cookies are accepted
    function cn_cookies_accepted() {
    	return (bool) Cookie_Notice::cookies_accepted();
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    Hi Petschko,

    Thanks for answering!

    Ok, but that is what I do not get, is that not exactly what the default blocking feature does, without need for adding php like that?

    I mean if I add my scripts into the default blocking feature, it returns false too by default and/or until the user hits ” accept cookies” its turns into true right?

    So what is the plus on this php solutions I wonder?


    Sometimes you need to shutoff stuff with PHP and then this function is super handy.

    Most of the time you don’t need this function but sometimes its good to have, so thats why I like it, because you CAN use it if you need it.

    I use it for Google-Analytics as Opt-In, the plugin itself don’t offer me a Opt-In method, just a Opt-Out method via Javascript, but with this function I can just turn off that plugin, just for those users, which don’t allow 3rd party cookies

    Thanks for explaining!

    Let me know if I push my luck too far haha, because this is a review after all.
    But I would appreciate it a lot if you could look at this topic and who knows, you seem kind a savy in this area,haha, you could help me out there :-):

    If it is asking to much, thats totally fine too!


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