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    Today i got this email from my host regarding the main file of the Easy Adsense plug-in (now listed as easy adsense pro):

    Hello ,

    Malicious file /path-to-site/wp-content/plugins/easy-adsenser/easy-adsenser.php found under your user and it has been removed on the server

    /path-to-site/wp-content/plugins/easy-adsenser/easy-adsenser.php: {HEX}gzbase64.inject.unclassed.14.UNOFFICIAL FOUND
    /path-to-site/wp-content/plugins/easy-adsenser/easy-adsenser.php: Removed.
    ==================== ==========================================================

    Support Team

    I’m with version Version 2.99 i think it’s the last one under the name Easy Adsense

    anyone else had problems with it?

    Other than it’s great plug-in and i’m really happy with it!

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  • ce_kevinw



    I also use Easy Adsense and just did a scan of it with no red flags. It is possible that it was either a false positive, or your website was hacked at some point and the hacker replaced the default file with a malicious file. Just to be safe I’d change your FTP/cPanel passwords in case it was compromised.




    here is what i just got from the support

    “On all our shared servers, we have enabled the Linux Malware Detect (LMD) tool which checks for the files uploaded on the server and if its infected with the malware, deleted it instantly. As per the logs you are receiving, the file “easy-adsenser.php” is infected with the malware due to which the tools deletes it instantly once uploaded to the server. You can’t upload that file to the server. Please check for an alternative.”

    i tried replacing the file with orignal one from a copy i keep on my pc, it still denies it. So it is either false positive or it comes infected out of the box.

    Too bad i can’t contact the author to give us some light on that.



    If someone could get that thread to the creator of the script please do.
    He has removed all forms of contacts from his site 🙁

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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