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  • I have been trying to fix this for many days now. I have ads setup on my site but they are only being displayed on the home page. Whenever I click through to a post or go to another page they no longer show up.
    I thought that a setting was selected that suppressed the ads on pages but that was not so.
    I tried changing my theme thinking the theme suppressed it and again no luck.
    I even tried using the old version when it was just “Easy AdSense” before this Pro/Lite stuff, again no luck.

    See for yourself:

    Can someone explain what is going on here and how I can fix it.

    Note: I am using Multi-Site, could that have an effect on this.

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  • I finally figured out that if I set it to display any number of ad blocks then my advertisements would appear. But now on my home page I have more than 3 ads “violating” google policies. But I cannot find anywhere in googles policies about using more than 3 ads per page.

    Not marking this as resolved as there is still a bug. It is thinking that there is more than 3 ads so it will not display any.

    Thanks for reporting this. I will look into it.

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