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  • Hello,
    I had Easing slider working perfectly on my site (just local at present), but the addition of the MO Gallery has meant a conflict and the Easing slider is not just showing a loading icon.

    I have seen this post about a similar issue:

    and the answer is identified as the jQuery not being loaded above the Easing Slider’s scripts as it needs ot be. The member says he ‘decided to set the Easing Slider call for Jquery to false and then simply repositioned the jquery.1.4.2.js toward the very top.’
    – I have set load JQuery to FALSE in my Easing settings – but how do you ‘reposition the jquery.1.4.2.js toward the very top’???’
    – does he mean move a file somewhere else or move a line of code in a file in the Plugin somewhere else?

    Any help massively appreciated; I just can’t work out what he means…


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  • Hi LucyRyder,

    It sounds as if he moved the line of code in the page that calls the jquery script up higher in the actual code. When a page is called the code is read from top down. Try moving the line of code that calls the Jquery script up higher, maybe the make it the first reference where you call your javascript.

    I hope my explanation helps.

    Tim S

    Hi Tim, thank very much for your reply, I understand now that it is a line of code that needs moving – but in what file? is it a template in the actual plugin? eg the easingslider.php file – this has a block of <script></script> code which is not at the top of the page/file – does this need moving to the top?

    I’m not sure how this would affect the other JS plugin though?? – so does the call to JQuery need moving in a different file?

    Muchos appreciated!

    Lucy 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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