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Easiest, Best and Full Binary MLM Plugin

  • “I installed the free plugin. It works great. I however needed access to all member information in my WordPress Admin. The Pro version of the plugin at http://wordpressmlm.com has ALL the features that I was looking for in my initial site.

    Their support team was very helpful in configuring even the free version of the plugin.

    Definitely a 5 start rating for this great plugin.

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  • I have one question that ,for how much time the payout cycle genrate, its for 1 week or one month and suggestion me how to set up the payout cycle.I am waiting for your answer.Thanks

    Plugin Author tradebooster



    The payout cycle can be any duration. 1 week, fortnight, month. If you go to the Run Payout page, the help text on that page explains the same.

    “This script can be run manually once every week, every fortnight or every month depending on the payout cycle of the network. Alternately, please schedule (cron job) the following URL as per the frequency of the payout cycle.

    Hope this answers your query.


    Yes I read these lines carefully and already mention these lines on that page but now my question is that I run it on local server but no routine cycle genrate there. So please tell me can i genrate payout cycle on local server and how.And tell me how to make setting.


    Hi tradebooster,

    Can i register users from admin only, and on front only login link. please suggestion me and tell me how to do that . I am waiting for your reply.Thanks

    When i register the user form admin it says not a mlm user , how to resolved it . Please give me some idea . Thanks

    Plugin Author tradebooster



    Users registered from the admin are NOT part of the network. In order to register users when logged in as the admin, you can go to Dashboard -> Visit Site. This will take you to the frontend of the website. You can use the Register menu link to register new users in the network. However, we DO NOT recommend that you do this as these users will become part of admin’s network while the username “admin” has been deliberately kept out of the network.

    The simplest way to register new users is to go to the frontend of the website and click on the Register Link to register new users. You just need to specify the Leg (left / right) and the sponsor’s username and the user would automatically become a member of that sponsor’s network.

    Hope this answers your query.

    Plugin Author tradebooster


    For your question regarding payout cycle, there are 2 ways in which you can run the payouts, viz.

    1. Manually – Login to the admin and click the Run Payouts Menu item.
    2. Automatic – For this you would need to setup a cron job (under linux) or Scheduler (under windows) to the file mentioned on the Run Payouts screen. you can schedule the payout scheduler / cron as per the payout frequency of your network.

    Maria | wordpressmlm.com Support

    Thanks i understand it.
    But last question is that , I want to register users from admin area and on frontend only put up login link, after login users see only own tree and not register itself. I want that only administrator register the users.I want to need it .And also tell me how to get the placement of users in tree in admin area.And tell me how to change the locatoion of menu in admin area. Please Help me .Its urgent please suggestion me. Thanks

    Hi tradebooster,
    Can i genrate tree for maximum users or a limit for users.Please tell me ,iam waiting for your reply.

    Plugin Author tradebooster



    regarding your questions:

    1. If you dont want users to register from the frontend, then you can remove the menu item for User Registration by going to Appearance -> Menus in your WordPress Admin. however, the application still has a provision of registering new members from the Genealogy view. For this you would need to modify the code as currently there is no setting for disabling this.

    2. as advised previously, we have deliberately not placed the user “admin” in the network tree. So you cannot register new users using the admin login. You can however login as the FIRST USER that you created when you installed the plugin and register the users from there.

    3. The genealogy view is currently set to display 5 levels of the tree at one time. you can however drill down to whatever level by clicking on the username of any member in the tree. If you want to change this setting you would need to modify the code.

    Hope I have answered all your queries.

    Sarah | wordpressmlm.com Support

    Thanks I am satisfy & happy from your answer.And this is a very good plugin.If i have any question in future, I ask you.

    Hi Tradebooster,
    I have one problem with that plugin. This plugin makes lot of confliction on live server.And show blank page. Please suggession me how to avoid these conflictions.here is problem http://www.shriluxmigold.com/mlm/
    username : admin and pass: admin. And please solve these problems.

    I have problem with that plugin,that is when i add new user on tree in left or right, then i want to genrate key not page id . Can it possible. I do it on localserver but on live server it creates problem and not show the tree . Please need your help and assp solve this.thanks

    Please Help Me
    Dear Support
    I have purchased a plug-in
    M L M Binary E. Commerce
    From this site http://wpbinarymlm.com/
    After the completion of the procurement process and generate the license key
    Plugin told me that the license key is invalid
    And I emailed the technical support they have, but no one answers me
    Please help me quickly it’s very important
    My email is :
    See Pic1

    see Pic2

    my friends and I get a Internal Server Error when I send someone a register new user link. They fill out the form, including the sponsor name but when the submit button is clicked, the Internal Server Error page keeps popping up. Is it because Im not logged in, if so is there a way around that?


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