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  • It would be cool to have an easier way to upgrade the wordpress software. Instead of having to backup everything we could have an external page that upgrade let you choose which file you want to upgrade simply flagging them (and the default files off course).

    Personally I won’t upgrade my wordpress to this new version.


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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    This is a security release.
    It’s pretty much essential.

    Different upgrade methods have been discussed before.

    Trac will show the individual files.

    @podz what does “trac will show the individual files” mean ?


    I’m with the OP. My upgrade from 1.5 to 2.+ was horrific and I followed the directions exactly and carefully and I am pretty confident in my computer sjkills. I am no hacker or anything, but I understand the concepts behind the things one has to do for a WP upgrade.

    There is no way I am upgrading again at any time soon until someone comes up with a really simple way to do it.

    Am I missing something? I don’t get what’s so hard about uploading the files from the latest ZIP and then visiting the upgrade script…

    This is what I usually do

    I extract the files for uploading into a folder and rename it wp-admin1 and wp-content1 and wp-includes1

    Then I put my theme and plugin back into wp-content1

    I just upload these folders online and then rename the original folder to something like wp-admin-old. Then I rename wp-admin1 into wp-admin. There is almost no downtime for me.

    Finally I upload the rest of the files onto my root folder.

    It would be great if WordPress installer backs up the tables that may be changed on update for me though.

    Security updates aren’t released for nothing.

    By not upgrading you leave yourself wide open for possible hack attempts.

    If the choice is upgrading or waiting for somebody else to delete my blog (or worse), I know what I’d choose.

    And the upgrade process isn’t that hard. Just follow the detailed upgrade instructions and you should be alright. (I did)

    The suggestion with the upgrade page you provided sounds nice, but a lot of hosting services don’t allow file editing from the web, making this option ‘useless’ for a lot of people.
    The current procedure doesn’t have such a dependency.

    Although I’ve never had a problem, I certainly understand the concern of some people. You bite your nails, cross your fingers, and hit the button. The fear that something disasterous will happen is very real.

    I think wordpress could adopt a roll back option. Perhaps by evolving the backup script it currently comes with. If you mess something up, make it easy to run a roll-back process. It would be up to the user save a roll back file, or maybe even have WP do one periodically, like weekly. Has any of the developers discussed this sort of thing?

    Why not simple keep wordpress in its own directory, seperated from plugins, images and other personal content? So an upgrade would be possible by only upload the new files (and perhaps by calling an upgrade-script) and everything would be okay.

    A good example is the directory-structure (for this point) of S9Y.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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