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Easier differentiation between Twitter users

  • philipt18


    When using multiple Twitter accounts, how does one differentiate which tweets are from which accounts? It would be great if you can add a tag of the twitter account to the post.

    Then you could have a link in the post that showed the account that created the Tweet, and the link would go to the WordPress search for the tag of the twitter user (i.e. website.com/tag/twittername).

    So you have the username, then the tweet, then after that it would be good to have the actually tweet timestamp (in parenthesis maybe). Perhaps the timestamp could be a link to the original tweet on twitter.com. That would make the tweet much more readable and easier to differentiate between twitter users.

    Also, it would be nice if you could convert all the hashtags and twitternames into links to the appropriate places on twitter.com (i.e. @jtsternberg would link to http://twitter.com/jtsternberg and #wordpress would link to https://twitter.com/search?q=%23wordpress).

    For archival purposes it would be nice to expand shortlinks into their original long forms. There are services like http://longurl.org/ that have APIs for doing this easily.

    Lastly, a really cool feature would be to detect that an imported tweet is part of a longer conversation and import all the tweets in the conversation. Being able to see the whole conversation at once would be really cool (perhaps a link in the tweet’s post that goes to another post of the whole conversation?). This is a much moe complicated suggestion I know, but I can dream.


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